a look into spring

April 21, 2021

it is springtime. the midwest is emerging from hibernation. we’re dodging raindrops (or in today’s case: snowflakes) + living for the warm sunshine. winter is a welcomed slowdown, or it used to be. it is now met with the challenge of keeping two toddlers occupied indoors for months. a look into spring a season that was previously a simple segue into summertime has become our busiest. our two littles celebrate their birthdays in the spring – parker turned two on…

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do what brings you joy

I have been mostly absent from this space, only showing my face + heart on rare occasion. I’ve searched long + hard for a reason. only coming up with poor excuses. somewhere along the way, unconsciously, this space I created morphed into something else…

April 14, 2021

a look into our backyard garden

my grandparents have a farm just outside of my hometown. we use the term “farm” loosely. in reality it is land my grandpa uses mostly for his hobby of restoring cars + tractors. it is surrounded by working farmland. but on their piece of…

March 22, 2021

tofu scramble breakfast burritos

the weekday mornings around here consist mostly of making the little ones breakfast, reminding them to actually eat said-breakfast, packing lunches, convincing them it’s time to get dressed for school, and herding them out the door. all while the husband + I must do…

February 24, 2021
the finishing of our unfinished basement little lessons by chelsea

the finishing of our unfinished basement

the husband + I moved into our house in the spring of 2016. it was new construction and “30 days from completion” when we put in our offer. we marveled at the seemingly blank canvas we would soon call home. that’s when it all…

February 22, 2021
a winter escape to florida | little lessons by chelsea

a winter escape to florida

in january, our family made a trip to florida. there is magic in a warm weather escape in the middle of winter. our last was a trip to the dominican republic a handful of years ago. I’d nearly forgotten how restorative it feels. the warmth,…

February 16, 2021