easy summertime paloma cocktail

May 4, 2019
easy summertime paloma cocktail | little lessons by chelsea

my brother is a craft cocktail genius + sommelier. basically, the guru of all things adult beverages. I may be the older + wiser sister (HA!), but when it comes to drink recommendations, he’s my first + only call. I recently asked for a delicious + EASY cinco de mayo cocktail recipe. he quickly responded with: “you should totally drink palomas”. normally I’d be hesitant to order, let alone make, a cocktail with grapefruit as the main ingredient. I’m not a fan,…

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introducing baby parker | little lessons by chelsea

introducing baby parker

on march 17th at 9:29AM, we welcomed our newest addition – a sweet little baby boy, named parker louis. this introduction is overdue. I have been in the BEST state of bliss, the kind only a cuddly newborn that is happiest in his mom’s…

May 2, 2019
toddler living room takeover | little lessons by chelsea

toddler living room takeover

before becoming parents, the husband + I exchanged the popular phrase “we won’t ever let our house look like a daycare”. we did so well, until jackson’s first birthday. that’s when things began to get out of hand. the toys became larger + quickly…

March 26, 2019
the 6 essentials for pregnancy | little lessons by chelsea

the 6 essentials for pregnancy

I am at the end of this pregnancy, literally. we’ve passed this babe’s due date. he’s comfy + continuing to grow into week 41. my two pregnancies have been nearly identical. including going past my due date. I’ve felt the same through each trimester…

March 13, 2019
7 easy steps to make your morning | little lessons by chelsea

7 easy steps to change your morning

I’ve made an unbreakable pact with myself. no more breaking promises to myself. “I am a morning person” – not quite. maybe there is such thing as a “morning person,” but I am not one of them. I wasn’t given the gift of naturally…

March 11, 2019
what I make vs buy | little lessons by chelsea

the 3 grocery staples you can make

I have set out to make 2019 the year of learning + challenging myself. that’s a bold + broad statement, I know. as an example, I have a passion for cooking + want to develop that further. I created a list of goals that…

February 22, 2019