10 truths about the first trimester.

November 17, 2016
10 truths about the first trimester.

the husband + I are now eighteen weeks into our pregnancy. it’s been an adventure. ranging from the things I’d expected to the things I couldn’t prepare for until they happened. like seeing your little human on an ultrasound for the first time. and the day you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror, only to see “the bump” has appeared. or the day you give into the maternity shirt and your husband gives you a standing ovation. we have even more unexpected + exciting moments ahead. (like finding out if we’re expecting a little girl or boy, in 12 short days!).

to put it simply, I spent my first trimester napping on the couch. while surrendering to my cravings + staying hydrated. but let me share with you the lessons I learned ..

10 truths about the first trimester.

10 truths about the first trimester.

• sleeping 8 hours is no longer sufficient. each weekday, I would be sure to squeeze in a 3-hour nap before actually going to bed for the night. (yes, I set an alarm clock for 9:30PM that practically said “get off the couch, brush your teeth & go to bed”). the exhaustion is really real.

• keep snacks on hand, like literally in your hand. at all times. I used to think I knew what “hangry” was, but it reached a whole new level when I got pregnant. if I didn’t eat something right when I started to feel hungry, I’d get the most severe hunger pains. then followed the nausea.

• drink water by the gallons. I was constantly thirsty and it’s obviously good to hydrate. but besides that, I did get sick, especially first thing in the morning and if I had water in my stomach it made it just a little less miserable. throwing up on an empty stomach is the worst.

• don’t be fooled, morning sickness is improperly named. the sickness doesn’t discriminate based on time of day.

• the cravings exist. that can be the only reason I consume jars of pepperoncinis.

• they tell you dental hygiene is so important when you’re pregnant. what they fail to mention is that brushing your teeth may be the very trigger of your morning sickness. google it – it’s a real thing.

• you find out you’re expecting. you’re so excited for it to be real + sink in, so you call the doctor to schedule your first appointment. they then proceed to tell you, they’ll see you when you’re between 8-12 weeks. and you realize you have to wait practically TWO MONTHS for your first appointment. let the waiting begin ..

• you’ll leave the doctor so excited, hopefully relieved everyone is healthy, and feeling like a glorified science experiment. (I’m sure it’s only a very small dose of the fun awaiting).

• I have a fear of needles. (like give me a teddy bear to squeeze + a disney band aid, please!) I figured they’d take blood. what I didn’t figure was the amount they actually took. dang, don’t I need that? I am growing a human!

• it’s a tough pill to swallow, but buy a pair of maternity pants. they’ll change your life. I’ve already decided they’ll be my thanksgiving + christmas pants until the end of time, pregnant or not. and the sooner you pull the trigger, the comfier you + your growing babe will be.

10 truths about the first trimester.

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  • erinhzauner November 17, 2016 at 8:37 am

    Well your photos make the first trimester seem downright peaceful. In all seriousness, I’m glad you’re out of the worst, and I feel you on the exhaustion!! Don’t miss that at all.

    • Little Lessons by Chelsea November 17, 2016 at 11:46 am

      for the most part, (minus the occasional sick spells) it was quite peaceful. I slept through the majority of it. on that couch. 2nd trimester for the WIN!