11 ways pet parenting is similar to babies.

May 11, 2015
kitten & baby

in honor of mother’s day, let’s talk about how being an adoptive pet parent is similar to having human children ..

(disclosure: I am not a mom. I have no human children of my own, at this time. my husband + I are at the stage of our lives where we are frequently asked when babies will be in the picture. we I frequently find myself wondering how daily situations would be different if we had kids. the thoughts shared below are purely based on my imagination. take them as you will).

11 ways pet parenting is similar to babies.

• any item that reads “keep out of reach from children” should be hidden away. (ie. earrings, bottle caps, cleaning products, etc).

• you spend a lot of money on toys, only to find them playing with every day household items. (example: hair ties, pots & pans, cardboard boxes).

• when they’re sleeping, you will let every limb on your body fall asleep. for fear if you move, they will wake.

• you question what to feed them; organic, natural, name brand, etc. (and the more opinions you ask, the more confused you become).

• they bite. or at least, I did as a baby.

• you are (potentially) more upset than they are when they have to visit the doctor or are sick. (the husband + I took sir rigby to the vet for his 2nd round of shots. I could not handle it. I had to leave the room. it’s been established in our family, it is my husband’s job; kid or animal).

• you constantly think you’re doing something wrong – where is the manual when you actually need one?

• you’re paranoid. if they act a bit out of character, you assume the worst.

• you feel guilty leaving them.

• you say “no” a lot more.

• you’ve given up ever going to the bathroom alone again.

kitten & baby

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