February 10, 2020

as I’ve spent quite a bit of time reflecting on myself.. the fears I seem to have, the self-imposed limitations, beliefs, view of the world around me, I’ve found myself thinking (+ worrying) a lot about raising my little ones. there is, of course, keeping them safe every day, ensuring they sleep + eat, and are well taken care of. but every interaction is also shaping the people they will be. the way they’ll handle challenges, treat others, choices they’ll make, and how (or if) they’ll overcome fears.

it’s not all how your parents raise you. I’m not naive to the impact society + peers had on shaping who I am, but I do believe when a fork in the road presents itself, you’ll go back to your strongest morals + beliefs for an answer. I want to establish roots so deep for our littles they find it impossible to lose their way. (or at least that’s what this momma heart is choosing to believe in).

14 lessons to share with my kids | little lessons by chelsea

14 lessons I want my kids to live by

1. our world is filled with beautiful people.
2. there is nothing you can’t do, if you just try (+ try, + try, + keep trying).
3. there is no path you must follow, it is yours to pave, draw, build or create.
4. always be curious.
5. treat everyone you meet with kindness.
6. give wholeheartedly – it will send waves of goodness.
7. share toys, knowledge + smiles.
8. as your mom, I already dread your first heart break. I remember mine, and I remember how earth shattering it felt in that moment (and quite a few moments after). this one you won’t believe, but I’m going to tell you anyway.. the pain is temporary and your heart will grow every time it breaks, bigger + stronger.
9. follow the golden rule. (reminder: treat others how you want to be treated).
10. don’t carry around the weight of other people’s opinions of you. actually, don’t even pick them up!
11. time used wisely isn’t always putting in a lot of overtime to get a big promotion, or studying the hardest to get the best grade. it’s often in the less planned, more reckless adventures. (when I say reckless, I mean saying “YES!” to decisions + opportunities that make your heart sing and make the more rational brain scream “are you crazy?”)
12. wandering is perfectly acceptable. see the world, meet people, and learn. you’ll come back with more appreciation for life + yourself.
13. it’s never too late to chase your dreams, to get it together, to explore the world, to fall in love, to start a family, to join the circus, to master a craft, to write a book, to start a hobby, to learn something new.
14. never ever forget every single piece of you is loved + worthy of love. if you ever find yourself doubting that, come home. this will always be a place where dance parties, novice guitar playing, squeaky high notes, uncontrollable laughter + imperfections are celebrated. after all, we’re all just a work-in-progress, may as well have a little fun!

14 lessons to share with my kids | little lessons by chelsea

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