April 30, 2020

I’m pretty certain I have been living in some sort of fast-moving cloud over the past four (ish) years. covering a lot of ground, continuously changing, occasionally producing turbulent storms, but nonetheless staying the course + moving quickly. 

I entered this metaphorical cloud the moment we found out we were expecting our first baby. from that moment until now, life has been a magical whirlwind. magic in both blessings + a feeling of mystical time traveling. the sayings “time flies when you’re having fun” and “the older you get, the faster time goes”  have never felt truer. 

at the close of each calendar year, I can see how life has changed but I’m fully IN THE CLOUD. I’d describe the feeling similar to waking up after a night of drinking too much, wondering “what happened?”, feeling a tinge of guilt, and vowing to keep it together next time. time after time. year after year.

for whatever reason, this year I mustered up the courage to sky dive right out of that metaphorical cloud – WITH A PARACHUTE. I do not want another year to pass by so quickly, at least not without direction. so, I created a 20 in 2020 list. this list serves as the parachute. or maybe I’m the parachute, and the list is the route I’m hoping to travel. it is a list of goals, activities, intentions, and habits I want to do, create + master in 2020. it feels a bit vulnerable to share this list, maybe because a few are personal, financial + lofty hopes for a “side hustle” (or two). it could also be that pesky fear of failure, that is amplified when you send your hopes + dreams out into the world. 

20 goals in 2020 | little lessons

20 goals in 2020 | little lessons

1. have a monthly date night

ideally this would be a given, not a goal, but #life + the metaphorical cloud. the husband + I are carving out time each month to get a babysitter + go on a date. we alternate who gets to make the plan. I highly recommend this goal.

2. read 24 books

I like to read, but I don’t make the time to really do it. unless you count the 10 minutes before I fall asleep each night. since making this goal, our family became the newest members of our local library + I downloaded this amazing app, libby (for apple + android), that allows you to read your library’s e-books + audio books. just need your library card to sign up. I’m already 12 books in.

3. go camping

camping is my favorite, but we’re really good at the “maybe next weekend” until the summer ends. if we’re getting specific, go camping at least twice. in our family-sized tent, with hopes of upgrading to a travel trailer before the year ends.

4. run a 5k

I ran my first + only 5k a few years ago in chicago. the conditions were less than ideal: 32°, rainy + so windy. (I know, “windy city”). but I finished + nearly cried, in utter happiness that it was over + that I did it. so, here we go again.

5. travel to 5 states

we love to travel, but are creatures of habit and often find ourselves traveling to the same select destinations. this is to add a little diversity to our travel itinerary.

6. create 100 pieces of original content

coming in hot with fresh content on this website.

7. collaborate with 5 companies

that I love, to build + share fun creative projects.

8. keep a gratitude journal

I started this last year, and was decent at keeping up with it. this year we’re going for more. I’ve been using the day one app and a hardcover notebook I keep on my nightstand. a bonus of the app: I can share a photo from the day alongside the written words.

9. have 12 girls dates

this can be coffee dates, happy hours, weekend getaways, or virtual get-togethers.

10. launch a new project

stay tuned.

11. make $5,000 on my own

this is more than a monetary goal. I bought into + fully live the “go to college, get a 8-5 job, retire someday” ideal. this is to prove to myself I can make money outside of a “traditional” job.

12. complete a home improvement project

the largest home improvement project on the list is finishing our basement. currently: the drywall is up, the ceiling is painted, and the wall color has been selected. it has come a long way from the sheets of insulation haphazardly hung about when we moved in, but we have a lot more work before we’re enjoying the space (with a cocktail in hand).

13. establish outer order: tackle 1 room per month

I made a list of all the areas in our home that need attention. each month, I will tackle a new area. to sell, donate + toss any items we no longer need or use. the items that remain will be organized. as I peek into certain areas of our house, I’m reminded why minimalism seems appealing. SO MANY THINGS!

14. identify 5 ways to be more eco-friendly

we can certainly be a little bit nicer to the planet we live on. this is how we’re going to start, by finding five planet-friendly substitutes for daily use items to decrease our footprint.

15. take a class + learn a new skill

the goal I set is to take one class. it’s often hard to find uninterrupted time, but I love to learn so I made it a goal. since setting this goal, I enrolled in an adobe course and attended three virtual cocktail classes. so, hopefully I’ll be a cocktail shaking, adobe wizard by the end of the year.

16. get involved with a local charity

I’m still brainstorming on how this one will play out.

17. maintain a vegetable garden

in my dreams, I am a professional farmer with acres filled with fresh vegetables and gorgeous flowers, and I am ready to throw a farm-to-table dinner party at any moment. that is far from the truth, but allegedly practice makes perfect, so I shall keep trying.

18. commit to a 30-day early morning challenge

the original plan was a 4:52AM wake-up call throughout april. the lack of a morning commute + no need to get the littles ready for school has introduced “sleeping in” to our house. it is welcomed, beautiful + appreciated. april sleeping in, brings early may mornings.

19. donate blood

this goal is an effort to build a bridge + get over my irrational fear of needles. I’ve had two babies. get over it, girl.

20. become a meal planning master

we’re talking a monday-friday plan for lunch + dinner, and a grocery list to make the whole thing happen. each week.

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