December 21, 2020
25 ways to add cheer llbychels

with an abundance of time being spent at home + the holidays looking a bit different this year, I’m getting creative with our festivities. there is no shortage of holiday cheer in our home. since an early age, I’ve surrendered to the magic of twinkle lights. the more the merrier. and this year calls for the mostest. here are 25 ways to add cheer to the holiday season. we can do this!

25 ways to add cheer to the holiday season

1. decorate your christmas tree
2. make edible outdoor ornaments
3. deck the outdoor trees
4. write a letter to santa
5. build a gingerbread house
6. have a cozy chili night
7. photo “with” santa

25 ways to add cheer llbychels

8. hot cocoa + a christmas movie
9. bake cookies
10. get a 2020 ornament
11. craft a holiday-inspired cocktail
12. start a puzzle
13. make handmade ornaments

14. make paper snowflakes
15. do something nice
16. go on a holiday lights drive

17. make chocolate-dipped treats
18. cozy pajama brunch
19. mail christmas cards
20. read twas the night before christmas
21. leave treats for santa + the reindeer
22. take family photographs

23. go ice skating or sledding
24. build a snowman
25. have a cozy christmas morning

with the exception of a holiday lights drive + finding a place to ice skate (or sled), this entire list can be completed from the comforts of your own home. a few can even be repeated, like hot cocoa + a christmas movie or make chili + have a cozy night in. with a little creativity, they can all be squeezed in before christmas day too.

if I were to provide any suggestions, I’d recommend starting with this really easy cookie recipe. the little ones love getting involved in the kitchen, especially to help make sweet treats. after the cookies bake, dry fruit slices. turn on a christmas movie, sip hot cocoa while stringing popcorn + cranberry garland. then head outdoors to decorate a tree for the animals.

don’t forget to decorate a few gingerbread houses.

the husband + I started this tradition so long ago. we used to compete, and it was taken very seriously. I can admit that I rarely ever won. (see past gingerbread houses of ours here). as our little ones have gotten involved, we’ve shelved our competition and pipe icing where they instruct us. helping their creative visions come to life. which could be described as: the more candy, the merrier. my recommendation: get a pre-built gingerbread house kit and shop for all the supplies (extra candy + decor) at the dollar store.

this is what’s left on our list: bake cookies, make chocolate-dipped treats, craft handmade ornaments, go sledding or ice skating, get our 2020 family ornament, start a puzzle, leave treats for santa + the reindeer, read twas the night before christmas, have a cozy christmas morning + pajama brunch.

get the holiday cheer checklist.

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