7 easy steps to change your morning

March 11, 2019
7 easy steps to make your morning | little lessons by chelsea

I’ve made an unbreakable pact with myself. no more breaking promises to myself. “I am a morning person” – not quite. maybe there is such thing as a “morning person,” but I am not one of them. I wasn’t given the gift of naturally waking up early and starting my day before the sun. but having done it a few times and felt the positive effects through my ENTIRE DAY, I knew I had to find a way to get myself out of bed early on a regular basis. I read all of the books (like hal elrod’s miracle morning + gretchen rubin’s better than before), moved my alarm clock across our bedroom + repeatedly told myself how ridiculous of an excuse “I must’ve turned off my alarm in my sleep” actually is. but really, I’m convinced I did.

my alarm is set for 4:58AM. there are 7 steps to my morning routine. this is what I do each morning + how long each step takes me.

7 easy steps to make your morning | little lessons by chelsea

7 easy steps to make your morning | little lessons by chelsea

7 steps to change your morning

step one: move your alarm clock to a spot that forces you out of your comfy bed to turn it off. I keep mine on the dresser across our room. I have to physically get up, turn off the alarm + I just take a seat right on the floor. this is so I don’t go crawling back to bed. I sit quietly + stretch my arms, whatever necessary until I’ve convinced myself its time to start the day. some mornings I create magical reasons in my mind on why I should crawl back into bed. so, this step can vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. whatever it takes.

step two: head for the bathroom. I brush my teeth + wash my face. a splash of cold water will certainly help with waking up. another 5 minutes.

step three: hydrate! as soon as I get downstairs, my first goal is to hydrate. I pour a large glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon + a sprinkle of sea salt. the salt may sound strange, but listen to this podcast episode with hal elrod + aubrey marcus. it’ll explain the salt addition + has great tips on optimizing your day. I’d say 10 minutes for this step, to make the lemon water + I have two animals that won’t let me proceed with my morning until they’re fed.

step four: get moving. I grab my headphones, pick a podcast episode or audio book and get my move on. lately, this has consisted of 30 minutes on the treadmill (in our basement). I need to be home + accessible to my toddler, just in case he wakes up early.

step five: make coffee + breakfast. oftentimes our breakfast consists of oatmeal, that I make the night before + heat with almond milk in the morning. I use this recipe from the kitchn, just add diced apples, cinnamon + brown sugar. if not oatmeal, bagels with avocado + sriracha or yogurt + granola. another 10 minutes.

step six: plan the day. while eating breakfast, I go through my day – what I need to accomplish, want to accomplish + any set plans. I also write down 10 goals I am continuously working on. I write down the same goals every single day. these are items I set for myself at the beginning of the year + want to work towards each day. some are lofty dreams and others are attitudes + intentions I want to bring into my day (like “be kind” – crazy, but occasionally I need to remind myself). I can linger on this step, possibly because of the delicious hot coffee or the sitting for the first time since I woke up. I plan for 15 to 20 minutes.

step seven: set your day up for success. this is when I pack lunches for all of us (the husband + I take lunch to work every day). we make iced americanos for the road. I assemble snacks, like trail mix + pretzel thins, and fill my water bottle. depending on if I did any prepping the night before, I can complete this step in 15 minutes. plus cleaning up the mess I made.

once all of that is complete, it is right around 7:00AM. it’s time to get myself ready + tackle the day.

7 easy steps to make your morning | little lessons by chelsea

• little lesson: keeping a promise to yourself, even one as little as not hitting the snooze button, can do WONDERS for your self-esteem. try it! make a promise to yourself, like getting up earlier or being active regularly or packing a lunch everyday. keep one little promise and soon you’ll be making all kinds of promises to yourself that you now have the confidence to keep.

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