10 reasons to love trader joe’s.

8 reasons to love trader joes.

when the husband + I lived in new york city, I would take the subway from wall street up to union square just to visit trader joe’s. the line for the cash register would always be wrapped around thee entire store. but it was worth it! I was a new patron and in complete awe you could find a bottle of wine anywhere in manhattan for $2. A BOTTLE! to be honest, I only ever bought wine. I’d stock up. and once I’d made my wine selection, I had passed the point of “what I feel comfortable towing all the way home” (because once I got off the train, I had a 1 mile hike to our front door + wine bottles are heavy). it wasn’t a grocery trip for the faint of heart.

now I live in the midwest, the land of cars. and it’s just a happy coincidence I live in the only city in iowa that’s blessed with a trader joe’s. I push my cart around the store with no abandon for weight. I can freely scour the store + shop to my heart’s desire.

10 reasons to love trader joe’s.

10 reasons to love trader joes.

10 reasons to love trader joes.

10 reasons to love trader joes.

10 reasons to love trader joes.

10 reasons to love trader joes.

10 reasons to love trader joes.

fresh flowers | I treat myself as often as possible to a $3.99 bouquet of pretty flowers.

peanut butter + jelly greek yogurt | childhood snack turned adult.

endless varieties of chicken sausage | I have been making a conscience effort to eat more chicken, turkey + fish. (less of the others – pork + beef). especially at home, so I had to figure out what to substitute for the majority of my “regular” home cooked meals. I used to incorporate pork sausage into quite a few of my recipes (pasta, soup, stir fry, etc). until I found these chicken sausages. they come in a variety of flavors. try them in this soup recipe.

chili pepper sauce | I am a fan of hot sauce. my husband not so much. this is our compromise. it has great flavor, but will not torch your taste buds.

rainbow trail mix | a pantry should always be filled with snack options. (or so I think). when I’m in need for a midday treat at my desk – I reach for this. chocolate included!

salsa verde | use this as salsa + dip a chip. or you can add it to recipes for flavor. pretty much all soups I “create” have a bit of this added.

british muffins | the husband jokes these taste better than their counterpart, english muffins. you can always find them in our house. we have a thing for homemade breakfast sandwiches.

smoked gouda | it’s my favorite. whether it’s customary to use sliced cheese or not on a cheese plate, I just slice it up into triangles + call it good. (it’s definitely not customary – rule breaker!). but more importantly, the ONLY cheese we’ll use for our breakfast sandwiches.

just mango slices | they make for a great snack + are exactly what they say they are: just mangos. dried.

wine | the wine selection is optimal. if you haven’t explored, now is the time to get in your car. I rarely spend over $6 for a bottle. and I’m never disappointed, by taste or price.

do you shop at trader joe’s? what is your favorite product?

10 reasons to love trader joes.

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  • erinhzauner March 2, 2016 at 10:28 am

    THIS MADE ME SO HUNGRY DANG IT. we live walking distance from a trader joe’s, and if I’m ever craving anything from there, it makes me so happy to pop over and pick it up, no problem. it’s also dangerous, but who’s worrying about that?

  • Myla March 3, 2016 at 11:24 am

    I love some TJ’s, but the nearest store is in the ‘burbs or STL. Alas. When I’m in an area with one, I try to stop! Some of my favorites are their hummus, bruschetta, wine, boxed soups and peppermint Jo-Jo’s at Christmas time!!!

  • Ttrockwood March 5, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    I am a huge fan of TJ’s! The “soyrizo” vegetarian chorizo is a favorite- it’s got a ton of flavor and no funky ingredients or mystery meat.