8 tips for thriving at busy.

March 11, 2015
balancing act

my life thrives on balance + routine. and as crazy as it may sound, I function better when I have borderline too much on my plate. I’ve always been that way. in college, I took on extra shifts at work pushing me to nearly 40 hours each week, while balancing a full course load. it’s always seemed the more I have going on, the less time I have to procrastinate.

does anyone else feel that way?

balancing act

there’s no reason to try + change yourself. just know how you best operate.

8 tips for thriving at busy.

1. embrace the mornings, but know when you need more sleep || my day goes drastically better when I get up early & don’t have to rush through my morning routine. but some nights when my brain will not shut off, I know extra sleep is necessary.

2. always have a notebook with you || you never know when an idea may strike, and if you’re anything like me ..if you don’t write it down, it’ll be gone for good. I have a notebook + pen in my tote at all times. but I also use evernote (on my phone, computer & tablet) to document my thoughts + ideas, and review them at the end of the day.

3. let your calendar be your friend || I tend to be a one day at a time kind of person. so I am very intentional about utilizing my google calendar. it gives me a snapshot of my upcoming day, week, & month. and best of all I can set reminders for myself. because I know, I need them. (I also set reminders on evernote. I can never have too many).

4. take a break || it is so easy to get wrapped up in the day’s tasks, or how overwhelming your day may be. in those moments, it’s best to step away. get some fresh air. grab a coffee. have a laugh (I favor buzzfeed animals for this). know what works for your midday de-stressing.

5. create a routine || my life needs a bit of structure + consistency. my morning + bedtime routines stay the same. but each day is a little different. for example: on monday & thursday, I go into work at 10AM and get off at 7PM, so I rely on a productive morning; which includes working out & planning for the blog. on tuesday & wednesday, I’m home by 5:45PM. so I use those nights to work on upcoming projects for the blog and clean up around the house.

6. drink a lot of coffee, but even more water || obviously, caffeine keeps me on the go. I look forward to my morning cup of joe. and for those extra long days, I reward myself with an afternoon coffee run. but next to my coffee cup, you’ll always find a glass of water. staying hydrated is so important!

7. take time to read || I like to end my day in a book. now, the amount I read each night is dependent on how tired I am and it varies. but besides being a great way to unwind + put me to sleep, it also stimulates creativity + thought. (I’m into self-help books. two of my recent favorites: the happiness project & dream year).

8. know your limit || there is a huge difference between staying busy + being completely overwhelmed. it’s not a fun lesson when you discover your limit. there are usually tears involved, or there was when I found mine. but when you’re wavering dangerously close, know it is ok to say “no”. your sanity will thank you.

how do you thrive when you’re busy? what tricks do you use to optimize your time & stay on track?

(note: right now, this week, my life has little to no routine or normalcy to it. the husband + I are in the process of moving. so each evening has been spent packing + taking carloads over to our new place. I cannot wait to get back into a routine).

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  • MeredithKRice March 19, 2015 at 4:36 pm

    Completely agree with you Chelsea! I need to take your advice and implement some of these tips!