9 non-candy ideas for trick or treat giveaways this halloween.

October 22, 2015

9 non-candy ideas for trick or treat giveaways this Halloween.


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Around this time last year, I was in a queue holding three bags of candy during the evening rush at a CVS. While waiting, I wondered if there was something more than pumpkin-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or mini KitKats that I could give. Something exciting, and maybe even out of the ordinary, that I could hand out to trick-or-treaters.

9 non-candy ideas for trick or treat giveaways this halloween.

So this year I began my search for non-candy trick-or-treat giveaways. I scoured Pinterest boards and blogs and came up with 9 giveaways that I know my friend’s kids (and everyone else’s) would go crazy over.

1. Glow Sticks

Who doesn’t love glow sticks? At my wedding, I had glow sticks and coloring books for the kids table. And let me tell you the glow sticks were the hot item. Kids wore as many as they could and spun around on the dance floor, traded colors with the other kids, and took home as many as their parents would let them.

2. Bubbles

Everybody loves bubbles. You can never go wrong with party favor bubbles! You can get hundreds of them for cheap from party and wedding sites.

3. Fake mustaches

These would are ridiculously adorable, and even the adults love this treat. You can find mustaches on a stick at party stores, Etsy, or you can cut them out from construction paper.

4. Coloring Books

Before you say this is too much work, just google “party favor coloring books” or “free printable coloring books.” It easy to print an assembly your own and these will provide fun far after the sugar high is gone.

5. Balloons

What little kid doesn’t love balloons? Inflate and decorate white and orange balloons to look like ghosts and pumpkins and hand them out. Pro Tip: if the trick-or-treater is young, offer to tie the balloon to the candy bucket or bag so it won’t float away.

6. Adopt a Monster Bin

If you don’t have many trick-or-treaters, consider an adopt a monster bin. Have a bin full of adorable and strange felt or yarn monsters that the children can choose from.

7. Homemade Glow in the Dark Slime

While this might not thrill the parents, kids will love putting their hands into the glow in the dark slime. You can place it in small, clear containers to hand out to the kids. You can watch this quick video on how to make the glow in the dark slime.

8. DYI Necklaces and Bracelets

Place Halloween themed beads and a string in a container so that kids can create their own bracelets and necklaces.

9. Princess Wands

Who doesn’t want one of these sweet princess wands? If you need a simpler (or less expensive) craft, cut the stars from paper and use decorative soda straws for the handle. Just don’t forget the glitter and ribbons! It’s the best part.

I can’t wait to get glow sticks and make some paper mustaches for this year. I think the glow sticks will be a big hit, and the mustaches will be fun for the whole family that comes to our door. (Family mustache selfie!)

If you have a great idea to add the list, let me know! If you leave me a comment before the 30th, that’ll give me enough time to go out and buy or make your idea for my trick-or-treaters this year.

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  • Mollie Lyon November 2, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Love this! when I finally stay home rather than heading out to collect candy with my daughter, I definitely want to offer non-candy options!