a look into spring

April 21, 2021

it is springtime. the midwest is emerging from hibernation. we’re dodging raindrops (or in today’s case: snowflakes) + living for the warm sunshine. winter is a welcomed slowdown, or it used to be. it is now met with the challenge of keeping two toddlers occupied indoors for months.

a look into spring

a season that was previously a simple segue into summertime has become our busiest. our two littles celebrate their birthdays in the spring – parker turned two on st. patrick’s day and jackson will be four at the end of april – that paired with easter, mother’s day + spending all nice days running around outside.. we rarely sit still. (as all the parents of little kids sing “SAME” in unison).

ready to celebrate

our family just made a trip to galena, il. we rented a large home and filled it with our favorite people. despite mother nature’s attempt to rain on our parade (literally), we had the absolute best time. everyone brought some groceries, activities for the littles, games + beverages for the adults, and no itinerary. we were just together. a week later, and my heart is still bursting. weekends like that are good for the soul. side(ish) note: if you’re looking for a game to play with a group, this game is SO MUCH FUN.

we hope to be celebrating the completion of our basement project very soon. you can see the plans + progress here. besides furnishing the space, all that remains is framing the windows and organizing our storage room. if you walked into our basement right now, you’d be greeted with an overwhelming amount of stuff. our philosophy: it gets worse before it gets better. the husband took every single thing out of our storage area for us to sort through (organize, donate, etc) before putting back.

I am looking forward to reviving our mother’s day tradition. it was skipped last year (for obvious reasons). we meet family in the amana colonies, where we eat, shop + be together. it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. this little iowa village is just oozing with charm.

ready to plant

the littles + I are anxiously awaiting the planting of our vegetable + wildflower gardens. the boys are most excited to eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine. I have plans to get them more involved in cooking, especially jackson, our 4 year old. I want them to see how we transform the food we grow into our favorite dishes. our newest garden addition this year: a tumbling composter (that I snagged in the aldi finds aisle). the only composting knowledge I possess is what I’ve read on the internet. best way to learn is to do, or so I’m hoping.

take a peek into our gardens: vegetables + wildflower.

ready to travel

our home on wheels (the camper we got last fall) is coming out of hibernation too + getting a few upgrades. it came equipped with two fancy reclining, massaging, heating + LED lighted chairs. they proved not to be the most family-friendly seating option. the two toddlers claimed them as their own, leaving the husband + I to hang out in the dinette. so, we sold them and will be putting this ikea daybed in their place. we plan to reconfigure the dinette and replace the hardware on the cabinets. I want to paint the interior white, but that may be a project for another time.

since our brilliant idea of buying a camper didn’t happen until the fall.. we’re just really excited to get more camping trips in. exploring more of the midwest. on my top three list: wisconsin, michigan, or down to tennessee. I share more of our camper adventures on the idiehl life.

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