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let’s pretend we’re meeting for the very first time at a coffee shop. you don’t like coffee? don’t worry, I’ll drink enough for the both of us! you order your beverage + take a seat. I’m going to give you a long-winded, yet high-level introduction of myself, so we can start to get to know each other – once I am done, if we like a few of the same things or are possibly kindred spirits, please stick around for a bit.

I was born + raised in the midwest. specifically: iowa. I met the husband in college. before we got married, we dated for six years and moved five times. starting in new york city + ending up in the city we live in now, des moines, iowa. we’ve called this city home for six years + absolutely love it here!

we’re parents to two adorable little boys, jackson + parker. we have two rescue animals: a dog named eleanor + a cat named rigby.

I was previously convinced there wasn’t a single thing I could stick with. have you ever felt like that? we’re talking: diet, workout regimen, skincare routine, etc. then nearly two years ago, I stopped eating meat. cold turkey! (pun-intended). it was sparked by a documentary, that I must’ve watched at just the right moment + a fire was lit within to make a change. so, I did. the husband did too. you can’t call us “vegetarian”, because occasionally we eat fish and we prefer not to call ourselves “pescatarians,” because that sounds entirely too fancy + requiring of an explanation. so, if you’re here for food inspiration, the most recent + new recipes will be meatless. (older content is carnivore-friendly). moral of the story: I made a GIGANTIC lifestyle change + stuck to it. now, I’m fairly certain there isn’t a single thing I can’t do! kind of silly + amazing what keeping a promise to yourself can do for your self-esteem.

current undertakings → master becoming a “morning person”, get in thirty minutes of physical activity every day, write in a gratitude journal + list out my goals daily, be more intentional with money, and create weekly meal plans for our family.

while you’re here, you’ll get a look into our everyday life. what makes our world go ’round and the tips + tricks I’ve devised to make it easier + more enjoyable. this is where I share my little lessons on life + its everyday celebrations.. because needing a reason to celebrate is nonsense – just make one up!

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where’s home? des moines, iowa. share home with? the husband, two little boys (named: jackson + parker), two furballs (eleanor + rigby/dog + cat) party essential? laughter. guilty pleasure? never-ending chips + salsa. favorite holiday? christmas. life motto? ‘if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’ – roald dahl. obsessions? coffee, plain tees, craft beer, traveling + our little familythree words? laid-back, creative, self-proclaimed comedian. drink of choice? moscow mule or iced coffee, depending on the time of day.

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you can find what I love about the place I call home right here – des moines, IA. or see my favorite travel destinations. curious about the items you see around here? you can shop my most recent + best purchases. want to know more about me? visit the lifestyle section. anything I’m missing? this is how to get in touch with me. again, thank you!

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