September 30, 2013

my idea of fun floats around food + cocktails.

so when I was asked to guest judge a chef competition? I said “heck yes!“.

it’s just a bonus the chef’s must prepare a signature cocktail in addition to their main course.


battledish //

the local food scene in des moines, IA is amazing. and one I’ve been needing to explore further. what better way than visiting the city’s best chefs + tasting their best dishes all in one day? count me in! 

[*editor’s note: they added a 7th chef to the competition!!!].

battledish //

read about the chef’s dishes + cocktails, as well as event details here.

if you’re in the des moines area on saturday, join me! purchase tickets here. and use code “10offbattledish1” to receive 10% off.

I can’t wait to play judge for a day.

hope to see you there!!

happy monday.


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