little lessons by chelsea is read by people who celebrate the everyday. they know it’s the little things that can make the biggest impact. the content shared here should inspire readers to make their days a little more fun + celebrated. like how to plan a date night in, a recipe to ease weeknight meals, and DIY inspiration.

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I love to work with brands + companies to collaborate on all things everyday-celebration-worthy. there’s a chance I could be dreaming up content that would be perfect for you right now. (basic invite).

if you think your company may be a good fit, please e-mail for more information.

you should know: I will always be transparent with the readers of little lessons by chelsea. there are affiliate programs used within the text of this site and any sponsored opportunity will be disclosed within the text of the post in which it appears. they will also be identified using a sponsored tag.

branding sessions

if you are local to des moines (or close to) and are a company/brand that wants to grow your content library + social media presence – I am currently offering branding sessions!

what is a branding session + why you need one? it is one-hour of shooting + 30 edited images delivered to you. so after spending one hour together, you’ll have enough branded content to post on social for a month. but don’t stop there! those images can also be used on printed materials, business presentations, or a personalized coffee mug for your best friend. (the last one is merely a suggestion – take it or leave it). want to see some examples? take a peek at these holiday cards, a date night in, a cocktail, this boutique hotel, free tea day (and this one), and this robot.

if you want to know more or are ready to schedule a session, please e-mail

thank you • chelsea