currently coveting.

March 12, 2015
currently coveting: home interiors

the husband + I are three days, and a lot of boxes from being done with our move. we will be all moved in by sunday. one way or another. our new space is incredible. and the second I walk in, I’m inspired. it may have a bit to do with the location. (we’re moving much closer to the heart of our city). I, more than anything, just cannot wait to get all of our things in and arranged. then supplement with new things.

when you’re moving from apartment to apartment, the likelihood your furniture will fit like a glove into the new place is very low. there are usually some items you must get rid of + purchase. so I’ve been accompanied by a measuring tape during all visits to our new home. and have spent my “free time” shopping for new goods.

currently coveting: home interiors

wall storage hooks || glass infuser dispenser || vases with wood holder || bee happy doormat || green blue outdoor mat || green grommet top curtains || coral throw pillow || peacock velvet lumbar pillow || gray throw || starburst mirror set

currently coveting: home interiors ..

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