diary of a juice cleanse.

August 10, 2015
diary of a juice cleanse

I feel it is important to note, I have never done anything like this before. I consider myself a fairly healthy eater. which to me means, when I cook at home.. I get an A+. when I go out, I typically don’t always make the wisest decisions. when a scrumptious looking plate of nachos walks by, I fall victim give in. I have just felt so unhealthy lately. not only because of what I’ve put in my body (unhealthy food + booze), but a lot of stress + very little physical activity. I needed to make a drastic change. I know I couldn’t just wake up one day and crush all of my bad habits. I needed a restart. I was somewhat familiar with juice cleanses. It’s hard to avoid them. they’re “trendy”. but I was terrified. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but would provide the “fresh start” I needed.

my husband was on board. thank goodness. I needed someone riding the 3-day struggle bus with me. (sorry husband). I cannot speak for him, but I am fully disclosing how the 3 day cleanse went for me ..

diary of a juice cleanse.

diary of a juice cleanse

diary of a juice cleanse

diary of a juice cleanse

diary of a juice cleanse

day one: the struggle is real. it is no secret, I love my coffee. you’re supposed to ease into the cleanse by eating whole foods and laying off the coffee + booze. I clearly didn’t lay off the coffee enough. I did reduce my daily amount, but not enough. and honestly, I was going to experience the wrath regardless. the wrath it was. I had thee most severe caffeine headaches. I could barely function. I was exhausted. every 30 seconds, I’d yawn. (only a slight exaggeration). I took a nap over my lunch break, which helped a tad. or so I thought. I also found I wasn’t consuming my juices fast enough. I didn’t start juice #3 (of 6) until about 5:00PM. and that’s when things hit rock bottom. I threw up. I am pretty sure this was a direct result of my severe headache, but ouch. I never really felt hungry, but maybe that’s because I was experiencing so much other pain. I opened juice #5 on my way home from work, at 7:00PM. it is my least favorite juice by far, root veggies. tastes like beets. yuck! my husband reminded me I was being a baby & to stop thinking about it so much and just drink it. well if the bachelorette season finale cannot distract me from the nasty taste, nothing can. I was chasing it with water. and next thing you know, I threw up again. again. I had to power through. I finished juice #5 and opened #6. I drank 4 good sips, and threw up a third time. that’s when I threw in the towel. I brushed my teeth, drank some water, and put myself to bed.

day two: I woke up terrified. I did not want to give up after one day, but I also didn’t want to spend the day with my head in the toilet. I drank 16 oz of water and a cup of green tea. then I grew a pair and opened juice #1. at about noon, halfway through juice #2 ..my headache finally started to lift. I wanted to jump for joy & do cartwheels down the hallway. I finally thought, “I can do this!”. I felt so much better for the remainder day. but approached juice #5 reluctantly (root veggies, my least favorite). I drank it, but it wasn’t pretty. I drank as much of juice #6 as I could, and went to bed. (so two nights in a row, I could not quite finish juice #6 ..or even close).

day three: I woke up feeling amazing. truly. I hadn’t had coffee since sunday. it was now wednesday. it felt like some sort of miracle that I was even functioning, let alone feeling better than ever. I was wide awake, and even started my day much earlier than usual. I felt lighter + just good. I very surprisingly never felt hungry throughout the cleanse. although, there were times I missed eating. if that makes sense? not having to pack a lunch or figure out what to make for dinner was nice. and no dirty dishes, loved that. I even breezed through juice #5 and #6 on day three. (I think it was because I knew I would never be drinking them again. they went down like water). but I will miss the spicy lemonade and the husband will miss the piney apple mint. one thing we can agree on, we felt the benefits of the juice cleanse. and will definitely be doing it again. (hopefully with less vomiting the next time around).

diary of a juice cleanse

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  • laura kingery August 11, 2015 at 11:52 am

    If I might ask… did you get your juice locally in Des Moines?? I’ve seen these on Amazon, and the shipping is quite pricey!! and……. is it the same 6 juices for all three days?? Several sound good, I’ve got a juicer and have decided that beets are just gross.. hahaha. I probably shouldn’t have bought the juicer, it is alot of work, and mess. I would much rather grab a bottle from my fridge. Thanks for the info!!

    • Little Lessons by Chelsea August 12, 2015 at 8:01 am

      laura, I found the deal on groupon actually. I believe the juices shipped from new jersey. it was a really good deal (or the best I’d found). it was two 3-day juice cleanses for $169. (vs. $330). I did pay an arm & a leg for shipping ($58), but seeing the shipping & how quickly it was delivered ..it was worth the price. It is the same 6 juices for 3 days. I hate beets too …so terrible. We don’t have a juicer, but I’ve heard from friends that do ..it takes so much produce to fill one of those juices that the cost of a juice cleanse is worth it. It was very convenient; no packing lunches or waking up early to make breakfast, no trips to the grocery store. After the initial day of vomiting (thank you caffeine withdrawals), I felt really good. the husband + I plan to do it twice a year, at least. let me know what you decide. I’d love to hear 🙂

      • laura kingery August 12, 2015 at 9:44 am

        I clicked “place your order” so I guess I will find out! And yes, the juicer is so much work.. always at the store to buy fresh produce, and trying to make a few ahead so that I didn’t have to make them more than every day or two… (I live in Knoxville, so sometimes I couldn’t find the right produce) I like having one for breakfast and a snack. I did buy some really cute glass bottles for them tho.. cuz if I have to drink beets, they need to be in a cute bottle. hahaha but then I have to scrub and wash those cute bottles. What a MESS!! I’m sure once the weather gets colder, that I will not mind the extra kitchen work. But for now, I’m over it!

        • Little Lessons by Chelsea August 13, 2015 at 7:58 am

          laura, I completely agree. a juicer would be nice, but a lot of work & a lot of produce. you live in knoxville? by peace tree brewery? (it’s on my must-visit list). let me know how the juice cleanse goes. I want to know! hopefully day one will go smoother for you. they say to “prepare for the cleanse,” by easing into it (cutting out caffeine, alcohol, and processed food). after my severe caffeine headaches on day one, I agree with their preparation suggestion!

          • laura kingery August 13, 2015 at 8:10 am

            Limiting the caffeine will be hard for me–those headaches are the worst!! And yes, Peace Tree is well worth a visit. Knoxville is packed with visitors right now for the Sprint Car Nationals.

  • Jewel Laura August 12, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    I did a 1 day juice cleanse. It was so good yet so hard. I’d try it again, but it was quite expensive so I couldnt do it for longer.

    • Little Lessons by Chelsea August 13, 2015 at 8:00 am

      jewel, thank you again for tempting me to get in the car & go out for mexican food last night. inspired by your instagram 🙂 ..I loved the 3-day cleanse. it wasn’t easy day one, but I surely felt the benefits & extra energy on day two & three. I found a groupon that made it more affordable. I also talked to a lot of people who make their own juices, and said the cost of all that produce makes the cost of the juice cleanse worth it. so I went for it & enjoyed it (after day one, obviously).