father’s day gift guide

June 11, 2018

I am the master of procrastination when it comes to buying gifts. I repeatedly convince myself a better idea will strike me if I just wait. until it’s the week of (or day before) and I am out of time! father’s day is FIVE days away. there is still time, but not a ton. I put together my favorite gift ideas under $60 (actually besides the travel bag, they’re all under $30). better yet, they’re all on amazon, which means if you have amazon prime – they’ll ship in two days! win-win!

these gifts are curated for the traveling, coffee-drinking, occasionally golfing, fun sock wearing, dad-joke-telling, somewhat new dad. or rather, with my husband in mind. but you can find something for any dad, like the fun socks – my dad would love this limited edition beatles pair and a golf polo, or two!

father’s day gift guide

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