holiday shirts you must own.

November 23, 2015

’tis season (already) to break out your favorite holiday attire. in four short days, it will be officially acceptable to plug in that christmas tree and those lights hanging on the parameter of your house. and your neighbor cannot say a thing, because you waited. (even though most people I know have already decorated). I used to be on the one holiday at a time bandwagon. never decorate until after thanksgiving. but over the past couple years, I see the value in not waiting. we travel so much during the month of december, visiting both families. and when we are home, we have events to attend. it doesn’t feel like you spend much time enjoying the decorations you worked hard to make beautiful + festive. so, for you pre-thanksgiving decorators judgment here.

back to clothing, it is acceptable + necessary to get your holiday shirts prior to thanksgiving. once the turkey has been devoured, the holiday parties begin and you don’t want to be in a panic about your festive outfit. (not to mention, they’re all under $20!!!!!).

holiday shirts you must own.

I’m thinking for my holiday party with my coworkers, I’ll wear the “fleece navidad” sweatshirt. and the “I’m only a morning person on december 25th” while opening gifts on christmas morning, only because it’s appropriate + true.

which is your favorite?

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  • Becky @ Olives n Wine November 23, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    I walked through Kohl’s this morning and saw the Fleece Navidad top – I cracked up! They had a cute Peanuts one that I may need to buy 😉 And if you know me, you know I need the mimosa top! I loved your mimosa bar post a few days ago – That’s my kinda Thanksgiving 🙂