how to make the most of your holidays.

November 29, 2017
how to make the most of the holidays.

people have a crazy love-hate relationship with the holidays! it’s the hustle + bustle, the constant entertaining, parties for everything, sweet treats that giggle at your so-called “will power”, the reality of missing a family event because you can’t be in two places at once, praying your travel plans + mother nature are on the same page, etc. it is easy to get wrapped up in the planning + logistics and miss all the fun. not to mention, THEY GO BY SO FAST!!

the husband + I made a list of our favorite traditions, local holiday events, ways to give back, and cozy nights in (think: hot cocoa + a christmas movie). from that list, we made our 25 days of christmas! each day in december, we have a plan! granted the plan could be “make chili + drink seasonal craft beers”. others will be to mail out christmas cards, visit santa claus, drive around to see the holiday lights.

how to make the most of your holidays.

how to make the most of the holidays.

how to make the most of the holidays.

how to make the most of the holidays.

if it’s not obvious, I refuse to let this holiday season pass without making the most of every single day. if you’re looking for ideas or curious as to what’s on my list ..

for cozy nights at home:

• decorate gingerbread houses (or better make it a competition)

• make chili + drink seasonal craft beers

• hot cocoa + a christmas movie (don’t forget the whipped cream + crushed peppermint)

• bake holiday cookies

• start a puzzle (when it’s -30° there’s often nothing better to do, really)

• create a holiday cocktail

• address, assemble + mail out christmas cards

new + old traditions:

• visit a tree farm

• purchase an annual customized family ornament

• take a photo with santa claus (we do have a baby now!)

• volunteer at a local charity (make dinner for the families at the Ronald McDonald house)

• do something nice (bring treats to the staff at the local children’s hospital)

• go explore your town’s holiday festival (des moines has a little christkindlmarket we’ll be going to)

• drive around to see the holiday light displays (ahem: jolly holiday lights in des moines)

EVERY SINGLE DAY in december we’re doing something festive. ish. I create an advent calendar, of sorts. I keep it near our christmas tree, in the living room. so, each morning we open that day to unveil the holiday activity. it’s basically a little present every morning!

what are your favorite holiday traditions?

how to make the most of the holidays.

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