August 10, 2020

in five years of being homeowners, it has become quite clear landscaping is not one of my gifts. as people who often do-it-ourselves, it’s frustrating to watch our hard work become a buffet for the neighborhood rabbits or die for a reason often beyond me. yet, we keep trying..

one of the goals I set for myself this year was to identify 5 ways to be more eco-friendly. (see the 5 everyday items I swapped for more planet-friendly alternatives here). but it didn’t stop there. I wanted to do more. to find other ways I could make a positive impact. the solution was just outside our window.

in the suburban neighborhood we live in, there are native prairies weaving throughout. they support + encourage wildlife. they limit the impact humans have on the environment, or at least try by maintaining their ecosystem. instead of traditional landscaping + inspired by our surroundings, we decided to transform a corner of our yard into a wildflower garden. where the birds, bees + butterflies could roam free.

this is how we started a wildflower garden

as of april 23rd:

this is the day the northwest corner of our backyard began its transformation from grass to pollinators paradise. the husband, with the help + distraction of the toddler, dug out a quarter-circle + pulled up the sod. I’m convinced we took the best route to wildflowers. we used this easy roll out wildflower seed mat. the instructions boast “just roll out + water”.  challenge accepted! we used three packages of the seed mat. once it was rolled out, we covered with soil, watered + waited.

as of june 23rd:

patience is a virtue. that rings especially true in gardening. the wildflower seed mat said it contained 17 flower varieties, but didn’t say specifically what they were. there was a period of time we laughed + wondered if we just planted a bunch of weeds. but then blooms started appearing + it was magic.

as of july 20th:

we love this little corner of our yard. countless birds, butterflies + bees do too. the little ones + I check on our wildflowers each day. the toddler has made it his job to keep a fresh flower in a vase on our mantle. the true excitement is not knowing what flowers will pop up next. we can be frequently found marveling at the array of colors. the toddler’s favorite is a little blue flower. I’ll put my vote in for these pretty purple flowers that resemble a french horn. the baby refuses to pick a favorite + instead smells all of them, in exaggerated + adorable fashion.  our latest blooms: sunflowers. we have a few over 6 feet tall.

“you belong among the wildflowers” – tom petty.

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