October 28, 2020
lessons from the past 90 days llbychels

I’d almost assumed summer would travel at a slower pace this year. we’re staying stiller than usual. but alas, I was wrong. in a blink of an eye, summer turned to fall. our steamy hot days gave way to sweatshirt weather + colorful leaves. just 90 days ago, we were in july. despite having a more low-key summer, we squeezed in a lot. these are the lessons from the past 90 days.

let’s pretend..

let’s pretend we’re sipping hot beverages (coffee for me!) in comfy clothes and catching up on all that has happened in the last few months. I’ll start..

keep on celebrating

the husband + I celebrated our birthdays at the end of august (mine: 27th, his: 28th). if you disregard our birthday present, we kept it pretty very low-key. after so many years of dreaming about a someday, we decided there was no better time than now. so, as a birthday gift to each other, we purchased a RV. (if we’re being specific: it’s a travel trailer). it’s been on our hearts for so long: the dream of traveling the country in a RV, ever since the 16-day road trip we took when the husband proposed. the stillness of this year has given plenty of time for introspection. we were inspired to stop dreaming + take a leap. it was a frightening decision, but without question, one of our best. we got a few camping trips squeezed in before the first snowfall, and started the idiehl life. this is where we’ll be sharing our travel adventures. we are so dang excited about all the places we’ll go in our “home with wheels”, as our toddler lovingly calls it.

we also celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. six years ago, on october 11th, we were saying “I do” + dancing the night away in the dominican republic. this year, we celebrated with dinner + drinks in valley junction. recommendation: if you’re in des moines, the winchester public house is the place to go for a magical cocktail. their new york sour + dudes abides are my favorite.

stay cozy

it’s not yet november, but winter has already made itself at home in iowa. we’ve had multiple snowfalls and find ourselves excited about temperatures in the 50’s. this early onset of winter coupled with the amount of time I’ve been spending indoors have brought on a mood. as in a “I’d rather be in comfy clothes, under a fluffy blanket, watching christmas movies” mood. the husband is doing all he can to persuade me not to put up the tree until after halloween. good news for both of us: ONLY THREE DAYS TO GO!

this pajama set shares my mood perfectly: cuddles & coffee. so does this chili recipe that easily satisfies the comfort food craving I can’t shake. see you in the spring, salads!

and away we go

this is a phrase the little ones + I use whenever we get in the car to go anywhere. it is no simple task to get everyone happily buckled in. once we’re all ready for takeoff, we exclaim in unison: and away we go! it felt appropriate to use now as I talk about looking ahead. I’ve made big moves on the 20 goals I set for myself this year. not surprisingly, I’ve read a lot of books and taken quite a liking to gardening. in addition to our vegetable garden, we grew wildflowers in a corner of our backyard. for awhile there, the littles + I made a habit of racing out each morning to see if we had any new blooms. planting wildflower seeds will be an every year thing for us now.

I made strides on home organization and being more eco-friendly. we camped, obviously. traveled a bit. we made a few “must have” purchases, including upgrading our bartending tools. this was inspired by a handful of virtual cocktail classes, with my brother as the teacher. (expect to see more cocktail content coming soon).

even with plenty of progress, I can’t help but hyper focus on the outstanding goals. the ones I’ve fallen behind on, put off, or tried to negotiate myself out of. MY OWN GOALS. #facepalm. when those moments strike, I remind myself there is still time. a step forward, no matter the length of stride, is still forward. 

we’re in the homestretch

you’re probably ready for a refill or your drink needs to be reheated. I’m only assuming, both of these scenarios are common in my days. before we go, I just want to say, this year has been a doozy. much like the progress on my goals, it’s human nature to focus on the negative. 2020 has given us a lot of material. quiet + stillness are mostly avoided in my world. but when forced, they’ve made space for reflection, wondering, dreaming + growing in all areas of my life.

as we continue on our paths, let us remember that perfection is a misguided target. some days, we’ll kill it. other days, we won’t. as long as we take a step forward. no matter the length of the stride, it is still forward.

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