merry christmas from the diehls

December 24, 2020
merry christmas from the diehls 2020

I recently took a moment to look back on all that has happened this year. setting my sights on the moments I felt full + present. there were first birthdays, first steps, new hobbies, many celebrations over video calls, 60th wedding anniversaries (and 6th), so much time outdoors, my brother moving to town, a handful of trips, a new camper, and a lot of time spent together. it was actually quite magical, but ..

W H A T  A  Y E A R!

see our year in 20 seconds here.

merry christmas from the diehls

our family is having a quiet holiday at home. our plans include eating scrumptious food, staying in our pajamas too long, reveling in the magic of santa claus through the eyes of two toddlers, and just being together.

it was a little cold the morning we met laura wills for our family photographs. the ground was covered in a sparkly cold frost. while making his way through the tall grasses, parker tumbled. we felt this photograph would be appropriately captioned, “cheers to 2020 being almost over…” and so it made our christmas card.

merriest christmas from our family to yours.

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