morning instincts.

April 29, 2015
cupcakes & coffee

I am terrible at mornings. but especially awful on friday mornings. without fail, I snooze my alarm until it ultimately gives up on ever waking me up and just quits. which leaves me in quite the pickle. fingers crossed my “morning instincts” (that I don’t have) kick in or the cat knocks something over. that’s how I start each + every friday.

cupcakes & coffee

cupcakes & coffee

last friday was no different. actually it was worse. the sleeping conditions were at their prime; the window was cracked open, the fan was on, and the cat was quiet. I had clearly snoozed my alarm to the point of surrender. (although I will forever claim, it must not have gone off “because I would’ve heard it”). I woke startled.

clearly my morning instincts prefer I suffer, but won’t allow me to actually be late.

I instantly looked at the clock to see it was 7:35AM. having to be at work at 8, that was a problem. even more so, I live at least 20 minutes away. needless to say, the first words out of my mouth that day were not “happy friday, love” but rather a bit more foul. I made it to work at 8:03AM. only 3 minutes late, with no speeding ticket. a dang miracle in my book. I spent the next 12 minutes telling every single one of my coworkers of my said “miracle”. and crying for coffee, that I didn’t have time to make or get because I was so late ..

(let’s hope I can get it together this week).

do you suffer from poor morning instincts? do you have a default, 5-minute get ready routine? share your stories in the comments below.

cupcakes & coffee

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  • Allison Christine Moore April 30, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    i literally wake up 30 minutes before i have to be at my desk. i feel your pain, girl! i’ve basically stopped wearing makeup and doing my hair every day. the five minute commute also helps 🙂

    • Little Lessons by Chelsea May 4, 2015 at 8:55 am

      the five minute commute would be amazing!! my coworkers saw my out at an event on Friday night, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even recognize me. I actually took the time to make sure I looked decent. the shame ..

  • Mollie Lyon May 29, 2015 at 9:28 am

    dang! that’s impressive!! Now that the rising sun greets me through the window shades I leave open every night, I am a much easier riser than in the dark of winter. 🙂 It’s actually feeling great to wake up on my own at 6 or 6:15…and then finally getting out of bed about 6:30 or so.