October 14, 2020
our quarantine survival guide

throughout quarantine, the goals I set for myself this year have served as my guide. they not-so-quietly encouraged me to stay the course. focus on what I can control. so over the past several months, I read more books, became more environmentally friendly, learned how to make a handful of classic cocktails, organized our home, maintained a garden, and spent so much quality time as a family. this is our quarantine survival kit.

be intentional

I must mention that much of what I want out of this year could be summarized in one word: less. it’s a tad ironic to share about purchases we’ve made while wanting less. but the less we crave is: less clutter, less waste, less mess, less of the same. our family is craving more adventure + more quality time together. the items I’m sharing have added to our life in adventure, quality time, or in some way our goal of less. 

this is our quarantine survival kit

for yourself:

no. 1 |  blue light blocking glasses

I set a goal to read 25 books this year. as of october, I’ve read 27. a friend introduced me to an app, called libby. it allows you to check out + read books from your local library (just using your library card). this was such a perfectly timed recommendation, because shortly after I downloaded it, our local library closed due to covid. it allowed access to our library’s audio + electronic books through this app. I’m often found reading books on our tablet before falling asleep. because blue light is known to negatively affect sleep, I got + use these blue light blocking glasses each night.

no. 2 | handheld vacuum

can anyone else relate to feeling like you spent quarantine constantly cleaning + picking up? this was such a great time saving purchase. I can be lazy about getting out our vacuum (which sounds ridiculous, but is true). the same cannot be said for this handheld vacuum. I use it daily for kid messes, an insect intruder, a dust bunny rolling down the hall. literally all of the things. (we purchased one for our camper too). SO MUCH MESS!

no. 4 | selfie stick + tripod

to shake things up, literally, during quarantine, we’d have morning dance parties in the kitchen. this is the tripod I used to capture them. it’s quick + easy to set up, connects to bluetooth, has a remote, is much smaller than a camera tripod, and has come in handy on quite a few occasions.

no. 5-7 | cocktail crafting tools: cocktail shaker set, 1 + 2 oz jigger, bar spoon, and strainer

I set out to be an expert bartender during quarantine. my brother is a cocktail-crafting master + sommelier, so I tasked him with being my virtual teacher. each week, we’d meet on instagram and he’d teach me how to make a classic cocktail. we made cocktails that needed to be stirred, shaken + strained. upgrading our “this will do” bartending tools was inevitable.

no. 12 | extra large weekly pill organizer

the husband + I are trying to up our vitamin game. we each took a multivitamin daily. after research + influence, we started taking a handful of vitamins each day. it was a minor hassle to open every container each morning to get the vitamins we needed. this was the husband’s genius. he got each of us an extra large pill organizer, so we could sort our vitamins for the week.

for the little ones:

no. 3 | kids bath bombs

these are just for fun. the little ones absolutely love watching the bath water change colors. each bath bomb does have a small toy inside. not recommended for littles under 3.

no. 8 | 8 inch memory foam hybrid twin mattress

are home projects a given when you’re stuck at home? it was for us. we decided to upgrade our 3 year old’s bed. he went from a converted crib/toddler bed to a montessori-style bed. I was inspired by a local mother-daughter home staging team, green door, who did the cutest kid’s room. not long after the inspiration struck, the husband was off to the lumber store. he built the bed, we got an extra comfy mattress, and of course (#newlypottytrained-ish), a waterproof mattress protector

no. 9 | kinetic sand

this kinetic sand is pretty neat. we have a large container with a lid we keep ours in once it is open. we play outside or lay a towel down to play indoors. (if they spill, insert: handheld vacuum). to play in the sand, I found an assortment of play dough accessories (like a rolling pin, cut-outs, stencils, shovels, etc) at the dollar store that we use.

no. 10-11 | schwinn bike for toddlers and kids + helmet

near the beginning of quarantine, both of our littles celebrated birthdays. our baby turned 1 in march and our toddler turned 3 in late april. as a birthday gift, the toddler got a “big kid bike” + a matching helmet. most evenings included a walk around our neighborhood, and a chance for the toddler to get comfortable riding his new bicycle.

for the environment:

no. 13 | bamboo toothbrushes for the adults + for the kids 

we all happily made the switch from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes. the statistic for how many plastic toothbrushes end up in our oceans is awful. it’s the least we could do. if you’re interested, check out more of the eco-friendly swaps we made here.

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