lessons from the past 90 days llbychels

lessons from the past 90 days

I’d almost assumed summer would travel at a slower pace this year. we’re staying stiller than usual. but alas, I was wrong. in a blink of an eye, summer turned to fall. our steamy hot days gave way to sweatshirt weather + colorful leaves.…

October 28, 2020
easy fall-inspired cheese board

an easy fall-inspired cheese board

a favorite meal in our household presents itself in the form of a cheese board. whether escaping the ordinary dinner routine or entertaining guests, this is fun. get a little bit of everything. arrange it on a flat surface. any will do: plate, platter,…

October 26, 2020
our quarantine survival guide

our quarantine survival kit

throughout quarantine, the goals I set for myself this year have served as my guide. they not-so-quietly encouraged me to stay the course. focus on what I can control. so over the past several months, I read more books, became more environmentally friendly, learned…

October 14, 2020

how + why we started a wildflower garden

in five years of being homeowners, it has become quite clear landscaping is not one of my gifts. as people who often do-it-ourselves, it’s frustrating to watch our hard work become a buffet for the neighborhood rabbits or die for a reason often beyond…

August 10, 2020

travel guide: a lakeside weekend in okoboji, iowa

many of our favorite summertime events + activities have been cancelled, leaving us with more open weekends than usual. on this particular one, instead of staying home, we opted for a short trip. we made the 3.5 hour drive from des moines to okoboji and…

August 7, 2020

8 items you won’t believe I got at aldi

if you follow me over on instagram (@chelsea.diehl), you know how I feel about aldi. yes, the grocery store. I frequently share my latest finds, staple items, and all encompassing love. as a child, I often accompanied my grandma on grocery trips there. excited…

July 23, 2020