merry christmas from the diehls 2020

merry christmas from the diehls

I recently took a moment to look back on all that has happened this year. setting my sights on the moments I felt full + present. there were first birthdays, first steps, new hobbies, many celebrations over video calls, 60th wedding anniversaries (and 6th),…

December 24, 2020
25 ways to add cheer llbychels

25 ways to add cheer to the holiday season

with an abundance of time being spent at home + the holidays looking a bit different this year, I’m getting creative with our festivities. there is no shortage of holiday cheer in our home. since an early age, I’ve surrendered to the magic of twinkle…

December 21, 2020
4 ideas to deck your outdoor trees llbychels

4 ideas to deck your outdoor trees

if we were to put ourselves into groups, I’d be in the one appropriately titled: here for all things christmas! I know my sentiments aren’t shared by all. I won’t force tinsel, twinkle lights + peppermint hot cocoa on every unsuspecting passersby. just anyone who…

December 17, 2020
lessons from the past 90 days llbychels

lessons from the past 90 days

I’d almost assumed summer would travel at a slower pace this year. we’re staying stiller than usual. but alas, I was wrong. in a blink of an eye, summer turned to fall. our steamy hot days gave way to sweatshirt weather + colorful leaves.…

October 28, 2020
easy fall-inspired cheese board

an easy fall-inspired cheese board

a favorite meal in our household presents itself in the form of a cheese board. whether escaping the ordinary dinner routine or entertaining guests, this is fun. get a little bit of everything. arrange it on a flat surface. any will do: plate, platter,…

October 26, 2020
our quarantine survival guide

our quarantine survival kit

throughout quarantine, the goals I set for myself this year have served as my guide. they not-so-quietly encouraged me to stay the course. focus on what I can control. so over the past several months, I read more books, became more environmentally friendly, learned…

October 14, 2020