the EASIEST holiday cookie recipe | little lessons by chelsea

the EASIEST holiday cookie recipe

I have the fondest memories of baking holiday cookies with my grandma as a young kid. they were sugar cookies masterfully cut into snowmen, reindeer, santa hats + bells. then covered in powdered sugar frosting + decorated in an obnoxious amount of sprinkles. I…

December 24, 2018

how to make the most of the holiday season

I love having our home covered in twinkly lights + stockings hung from our fireplace with care. the smell of cookies baking in the oven + cups of hot cocoa overflowing with marshmallows. a continuous loop of christmas movies + music playing in our…

December 10, 2018
how to solve your lunch rut |

how to easily solve your lunch rut

the cost-savings of not going out for lunch each day is substantial. but I don’t want to settle for a bland meal that will be completely unsatisfying either. BUT going out for lunch is a production ..let me explain.. if I go into my…

November 13, 2018
our family is growing |

our family is growing

we are so very excited to finally announce.. our family is growing! in march, we will be blessed with another little boy to cuddle + chase around. to be honest, I’m not sure I’ve entirely wrapped my head around being a mom of two…

November 12, 2018
chickpea salad sandwich on llbychels

chickpea salad sandwich

besides grilled cheese + veggie burgers, try to think of a sandwich that doesn’t have meat? it’s hard, right? when the husband + I made the decision to stop eating meat, I thought I’d never eat another sandwich again! slightly dramatic, but it was…

August 2, 2018
summer is in full SWING! - little lessons by chelsea
fashion & beauty.

summer is in full SWING!

we go to the farmer’s market each saturday (that we’re home), with the best of intentions: purchase locally grown, freshly picked produce. but, to be honest, I’m not sure we’ve bought anything but a breakfast burrito. (which was DELICIOUS!). the des moines farmers market…

July 18, 2018