six keys to daily happiness.

November 18, 2015
6 keys to daily happiness

I very recently made a career change. it wasn’t a decision I took lightly, or came easily. there were bittersweet moment and intense husband + wife discussions. regardless of what I knew was the right choice, it didn’t come without hurdles. without moments of placing my hands over my eyes and hoping when I opened them, all would be well + good. it didn’t come without a lot of husband reassurance. sometimes what your life really needs is a clear mind. a chance to put the mountains you’ve created in your mind into perspective. if I make a conscience effort to focus on the little things, it makes a huge difference ..

six keys to daily happiness.

6 keys to daily happiness

• cutting sugar out of my diet– sometimes I am so good + not tempted in the slightest by sweet treats. other times, I cannot keep myself in check. it’s strange, but I am making a more conscience effort to say “no”. (avoid the dreaded office candy bowl). I will treat myself, occasionally. but be much more aware of how much & how frequently.

• meditate – my mind goes a mile a minute and I always have 100 thoughts racing around at any given moment. so for me, it’s important to have a few minutes to devote to focusing on just one thing. for sanity purposes. this is very new to me (I started with 5 minutes, because I am that distracted). I found an app that really helps – headspace. I’d recommend.

• regular exercise– I put regular, because isn’t that the hardest part? developing a routine & sticking to it. my husband is my teammate + accountability partner. we’ve found it works best for us to go to the gym in the evenings. depending on when we both escape from work, it may be before or after dinner. we’re a bit flexible with that. we are following along with the freeletics program (which you can access on your phone or tablet – making it so easy to grab & head to the gym with a plan).

• home cooked meals– is this weird to include? excluding the dirty dishes, I get so much joy from cooking at home. I love creating new recipes, modifying old ones, or turning the few ingredients at home into a scrumptious meal. the comfy clothes is a definite bonus!

• organization– if my house is messy & my planner isn’t up-to-date, I can be a bit of a head case. I just feel all out of sorts. It is important for my productivity & sanity to take a moment and get everything back in working order.

• beauty routine – this may sound petty, but trust is important. I feel much more confident when I’m not rocking a large zit on my face & my nails are painted. sadly, the facial blemishes are sometimes unavoidable but by establishing a beauty routine I can minimize. I wash my face each morning with philosophy purity & microdelivery exfoliating wash. each evening, I clean off my make-up with philosophy & a moisturizer. once a week, I do a facial mask in the evening before bed and moisturize with coconut oil. I paint my nails at home. it’s become rather therapeutic. (I highly recommend essie’s good to go, my least favorite part is waiting for it to dry. this helps A LOT). I’m also a firm believer in epsom salt baths, infused with lavender. it will help you unwind after a crazy day or a hard workout.


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  • Ashten @ Just Go Left November 18, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    I loved this post, Chelsea! I wrote something similar on my blog today and totally related to everything you wrote here. It’s so true: all of these things add a little more happiness to my day, too!