the 3 grocery staples you can make

February 22, 2019
what I make vs buy | little lessons by chelsea

I have set out to make 2019 the year of learning + challenging myself. that’s a bold + broad statement, I know. as an example, I have a passion for cooking + want to develop that further. I created a list of goals that would define “success” for me. they’re around creating weekly meal plans, grocery budgeting, expanding the list of healthy vegetarian meals in my back pocket, having my own vegetable garden, and to rethink what food items I should buy vs. what I can learn to make.

I previously bought EVERYTHING at the grocery store – including alllllllllllll of the deliciously packaged processed food that promises 5-10 minutes in the microwave or on the stove – just add water – and you’ve got yourself a scrumptious meal. although convenient, it turns out they’re not great for you. (don’t tell that to my younger self who literally survived on ramen noodles + lean cuisine meals). maybe I cared more about my time than I did about my health, but dang they were easy + tasted good.

my mindset began to shift when the husband + I moved in together. I was responsible for feeding TWO people. although, the first meal I made him was a box of shells + cheese, which I generously added frozen broccoli to. it wasn’t long before I was scouring the internet for recipes I was brave enough to attempt, with ingredients I actually knew where to find in a grocery store.

add a small human + one on the way that I’m now responsible for – not only has my mindset completely shifted on my own health (I now know I don’t need to sacrifice nutrition for convenience), I want to provide good + healthy food for my family!

what I make vs buy | little lessons by chelsea

what I make vs buy | little lessons by chelsea

what I make vs buy | little lessons by chelsea

there are 3 grocery staples I’ve permanently crossed off my list –

• bread – I typically make one loaf of bread each week. we use this for grilled cheese sandwiches (dipped in homemade tomato soup), peanut butter + jelly sandwiches for the little, top it with chickpea salad, and even use the ends to make croutons for our salads. this is bread recipe I use: make your own bread.

• fruit jam – the jam in our house is almost exclusively used to make peanut butter + jelly sandwiches. although sometimes we’ll get crazy + have toast with jam, or even crazier + swirl it in yogurt. it’s really comforting to know exactly what went into the jam in your refrigerator. this is the chia seed jam recipe I use: make your own chia seed jam.

• vegetable broth – I was MOST skeptical of making my own vegetable stock. but I must say, it’s basically free + really, really easy. to convince myself further, I looked at the ingredient list on the store-bought veggie broth I typically use and was surprised at how many questionable ingredients were listed. I cook a lot, so I have a lot of vegetable scraps that I save in the freezer to make this broth. this is the recipe I use: make your own vegetable stock.

make that FOUR items: the toddler is a BIG fan of frozen waffles in the morning. the husband has taken it upon himself to make a batch of blueberry waffles at the beginning of the week. we let them cool + freeze. in the morning, we pop them into the toaster + have a happy little one. now if I could just get him to share with his mom ..

I challenge you to find an item on your grocery list + find a recipe to make it instead of buy it. just try it once!

what I make vs buy | little lessons by chelsea

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