the 6 essentials for pregnancy

March 13, 2019
6 essentials for pregnancy | little lessons by chelsea

I am at the end of this pregnancy, literally. we’ve passed this babe’s due date. he’s comfy + continuing to grow into week 41. my two pregnancies have been nearly identical. including going past my due date. I’ve felt the same through each trimester and experienced basically the same thankfully minor + bearable symptoms. (except so far I’ve avoided the joyous swelling that hit me HARD at the end of my first pregnancy, but there’s still a chance).

so, the essential items that got me through the first time have been there for me AGAIN.

I am not conducting an infomercial, but if you’re expecting: DON’T DELAY, BUY TODAY! I remember being pregnant with jackson + thinking I’d fit into at least some of my regular clothes for the entire pregnancy, or I’d just make do. I’d only buy maternity pants + tops when it was absolutely necessary. well, around 12 weeks (and hardly showing), my family coerced me into a maternity clothing store and began filling the dressing room with options. I felt ridiculous! the size of my body had barely changed – why was I trying on pants with a band that stretched up to my armpits? let it be known, my family won. I left the store that day with four pairs of maternity pants. guess what? THEY’RE A GAME-CHANGER. because my body did change + although I could squeeze into my everyday jeans for awhile ..why be uncomfortable? plus maternity pants often don’t require zipping or buttons, which is just convenient for frequent bathroom visits.

if you hear anything, let it be: invest in a few pairs of maternity pants ASAP. your bump will thank you.

another item I was dragging my feet on, a maternity pillow. so, the husband took matters into his own hands + two days later, there was one on our doorstep. again, I was reluctant to use it. I was sleeping just fine. one night, he convinced me “why not just try it out?”. OK, twist my arm. it’s basically a giant, cozy adult cocoon. I slept with it purely for comfort at first, but as I began to grow, it become essential. I even used it for awhile postpartum. then the very day I found out I was pregnant with baby two, I got out my maternity pillow out. no hesitation.

the 6 essentials for pregnancy.

a dark wash + light wash pair of denim

a black + navy pair of dress pants | during my first pregnancy, I was working in a very professional environment, so dress pants were critical. now, life is much more casual (which is amazing when you’re growing out of all your clothes). I’ve worn the dress pants much less this time around, but they’re nice to have.

heating pad | aches + pains are somewhat inevitable when you’re growing triple your size in mere months. (triple is an exaggeration). I use this nightly – I turn it on while I’m getting ready for bed + it’s nice in warm when I crawl in. I use it while I read and turn it off just before I fall asleep. this one also has a 2-hour timer, so it’ll shut off if you happen to doze. it’s large too, which is ideal when you can’t pinpoint one area that aches the most – it’ll cover more surface.

belly band | if we’re being honest, I exercised very little when I was pregnant with jackson. so, this wasn’t used as much during pregnancy one. I’ve taken a different approach this time. I walk 30 minutes nearly ever day. when I exercise, I wear this. it provides the extra support the bump + I need while I’m trying to speed walk (or slowly stroll) on the treadmill.

yoga pants | no explanation necessary. be in comfy clothes as much as possible. you’re pregnant + deserve it. live in those stretchy pants, girl.

maternity pillow | this is by far my favorite. I am a back sleeper, which is a no-no when you’re pregnant. so, this helps me to be comfortable + sleep on my side.

the 6 essentials for pregnancy | little lessons by chelsea

• little lesson: don’t drag your feet on the items that’ll increase your comfort while pregnant, even if they’re not necessary right now. they will be. and you’ll be happy you have them. plus: the sooner you get your maternity essentials, the more you get out of them.

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