the finishing of our unfinished basement

February 22, 2021
the finishing of our unfinished basement little lessons by chelsea

the husband + I moved into our house in the spring of 2016. it was new construction and “30 days from completion” when we put in our offer. we marveled at the seemingly blank canvas we would soon call home. that’s when it all began.. the long list of “right away”, “soon”, and “someday” home projects. it’s accurate to say I have a love/hate relationship with being a homeowner. (see this post I wrote about “unlocking levels” of adulthood).  fast forward five years, we are in the midst of our largest someday project: the finishing of our unfinished basement. it has been in progress for over a year with real hope of a completion date this spring.

the thing about houses are the endless possibilities to decorate, paint, furnish, change, build, etc. your imagination can reinvent the space continuously. your time + budget may have other ideas. with our basement, we had the help of family, friends + contractors and made major progress quickly. (by “we” I mean, the husband). it went from concrete blocks to painted walls, new lighting, HVAC, and plumbed for a wet bar in a matter of one month. then our momentum shifted.

this is the finishing of our unfinished basement

the work started + progress was made quickly during the winter. once spring returned and the temperatures were more welcoming for outdoor play, we spent most of our free moments outside. this continued well into the start of the next winter. the husband + I made a pact: once the holidays were over, progress would continue on our basement project. 

the project timeline clearly illustrates where it rated on our priority list. I’ve said all along, when our little ones are old enough to play without being in my line of sight, we’ll finish our basement. with birthdays only months away, they’ll be two + four, and it is time. 

the plans for our basement project

luckily, the construction planning was pretty straightforward. our basement floorpan is simply a rectangle. when we purchased our home, the builder had an optional finished basement. we opted out, but kept the plans to finish it ourselves one day. with the construction plans handled, we had to decide how the space would function for our family. I handed my husband a visual plan I’d created and called it a “rendering”. we agreed on the layout, but not my use of the word “rendering”. the plan would include a space for relaxing, play, a wet bar, and sleeping.

we are nearing completion. at least much closer. the husband finished the wet bar (minus the backsplash) + started on trim. my sights are set on furnishings: beverage refrigerator, couch, sofa table, bar stools, rugs, play area. our plans for the layout have adjusted slightly. we’ve decided to omit the sleeping area and use the space as an exercise area instead. we are so close to relaxing, playing + entertaining in this space I could scream.

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