tofu scramble breakfast burritos

February 24, 2021

the weekday mornings around here consist mostly of making the little ones breakfast, reminding them to actually eat said-breakfast, packing lunches, convincing them it’s time to get dressed for school, and herding them out the door. all while the husband + I must do the same. for that reason, breakfast needs to be quick + easy. also preferably savory. just a personal preference. (although I’ll never say no to a pastry). this is where the tofu scramble breakfast burritos come in.

the discovery of this recipe + this make-ahead steel cut oatmeal from the kitchn have been a morning game changer. starting our day off on a nutritious (but simple) foot. the breakfast is mostly ready when you wake up, little assembly + heat required. let’s dive in.

how to make tofu scramble

my favorite recipe for tofu scramble comes from the minimalist baker. I double the recipe, using two packages of tofu and alllll of the fresh vegetables I have on hand. for the husband + I, doubling the tofu scramble allows for plenty for breakfast burritos throughout the week. (he usually has two).

waking up for tofu scramble breakfast burritos

the easier the better, right? in the morning, I break out our air fryer and make a handful of tater tots. the instructions I go by: 375° F for 7 minutes, flip, another 5 minutes. (you could also cook them in the oven). while the tater tots cook, I heat a portion of the tofu scramble in a pan (or microwave). the amount will vary on how many burritos you’re making. I just eyeball it. once the tofu scramble + tater tots are ready, start assembling your breakfast burritos. it’s as simple as: tortilla, tater tots + tofu scramble. top with hot sauce or salsa.

want more options?

other plant-based options: I often add black beans to our tofu scramble, and therefore to our burritos. it gives all the southwest burrito vibes. or add vegan chorizo. trader joe’s was voted best vegan product of the year.

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